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IQSites is a company with its own traditions and history
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A Smart Website Created by Yourself
IQSites solves the problem of business promotion on the Internet completely. Create a professional website that looks gorgeous. The site which can find your clients via the Internet, and help transact successfully. The site which helps you do something that seemed impossible before. We use the power of modern technology to the full extent.

Do you need to create a landing page? To blog brilliantly? To use effective capture forms? To make a design by yourself? To do interesting mailings? To intensify your promotion by the power of social networks? To translate websites into different languages? IQSites will take care of all this "using" your hands. It's not just a website builder, with us you will feel as if you were a professional web developer. Now you can see the first website-masterpiece  that was made on this platform. The next one could be yours.

Your New Approach To Business.

Как создать сайт

If you belong to the following groups, we have
a special offer full of possibilities for you ;)

Incredibly Impressive Design
Great Attention to Detail.
Farewell to Photoshop. Welcome to the online management of the design of a website. The complex design that needed professional knowledge, special technology and use of bulky programs is in the past. With IQSites you can manage your design online, directly from the control panel, without any special skills. This is the greatest achievement! You can even create your own incredibly beautiful landing pages due to the unique collection of widgets. Use them as a designer, creating unsurpassed design. This page was built with the same constructor for just 30 minutes!

Mobile Control
Looks Fantastic. Works Fantastically.
With IQSites you have your own mobile application for content management on the run. Start writing an article on the website at home, and then continue writing it from the place where you left off while you travel, using the iPhone application. Upload to your website colorful photos directly from your phone - select them, and change the size of images on the screen with your finger. Get the details of orders from the site directly into the app! As fast as never before!

Website for Your Business

The Best System for Obtaining New Customers
Through Your Website.

The complex tasks that used to take a lot of programmers' time, are now solved easily, clearly and pleasurably. IQSites allows to create capture forms quickly, and place them on any page of your website in a few minutes. Your clients' requests are delivered promptly via Email from the site to the mobile application and to the website control panel. You will enjoy working on your website and get good results!

As Easy As a Social Network.
As Beautiful As Unique.

Posting materials on the site and blogs has never been  as easy as posting them on a social network. Just upload a text, pictures, or a video via the special mobile application or website and the system will magically place it most elegantly. It will look like a site you invested tens of thousands of dollars into.

Establish Communication
with the World Around You

Business cards are gone. Networking is not created at conferences and events. Major communications occur among people, when you least of all expect it. With IQSites integration with social networks is almost automatic. Post all your materials from the site on pages of social networks. Let visitors engage a huge traffic to your site through social media! Increase communication and create a huge community of the fans and loyal followers of your brand!
Website for Your Business
Free Service
of Mailings

This is how our customers react when using the mailing service for free. No more payments to third-party sites. No need to copy, store, filter and upload mailing bases. No need to use Excel, Outlook and other software. Just let your website do the work for you, as automatically and professionally as possible. Schedule your mailings to those who fill up your capture forms, who read your blog, or registered on the website. Each message will be sent!!

Talk to Your Website Visitors
in Their Language.
We have created a new powerful and comprehensible multilingual website system. With it you will be able to maintain your site in several languages at the same time. With IQSites people get complete freedom of creating websites at an entirely new level, and it opens up a world of opportunities to get traffic from all over the world.

Set up a Store
in Seconds.
Let Your Website
Sell for You.
Is setting up an online store too difficult a job?
It is database, configuration, security.
You don't need to think about this any longer.
Add categories, products and the shopping cart
will automatically appear on your site.
Just as simple as it is. As it should be!

An Adequate Name
for Your Creation

Each website created on the platform of IQSites gets a free website address in any of the zones .RU, .COM, .NET, .ORG

The domain is registered with the customer's data and belongs only to him/her. A full address of the site gives it a professional look. The registration and renewal of the domain is entirely IQSites business. It allows you to focus on your creativity.

Main Developer
and Head of the Company (CEO)

- Winner of All-Russian Olympiads in mathematics, programming, and the economy;
- More than 10 years' experience in managing his own company specialised in development of large Internet projects with over 500 sites created successfully;
- More than 5 running social networks, totaling 500.000+ users;
- Vast experience in promotion and development of business via the Internet.
- Fluency in English.
Сайт для вашего бизнеса

Marketing Director (CMO)

- Successful development of 76 international companies;
- Founder of the Academy of Business;
- Specialist in the field of implementation and scalability of business processes;
- Practising investor;
- Certified Financial Planner.

Websites in Good Taste
Algorithms that Understand You

It looks like magic, but it is a program. IQSites allows you to become a professional webmaster without programming knowledge and special software such as Photoshop. The result is, a beautiful unique site created by you for one day.

Simple Pricing. No Surprises.

"Dine With the Team of Developers"

Payment  for websites on the IQSites platform is based on the monthly service. Maximum price per month is about $80 only. At the price of a meal in a restaurant you get a product developed by the team of IQSites 24/7, technical support, training courses, presentations, and webinars. If you pay for a six months or year of maintenance, you get discounts.
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