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in Their Language.

We have created a new powerful and comprehensible system of multilingual websites. With it you will be able to maintain your site in several languages at the same time. With IQSites people get complete freedom of creating websites at an entirely new level. It opens up a world of opportunities to get traffic from all over the world. The multilingual system is easy to learn and use, even if you have never maintained websites in any foreign language. Now everybody can realise his/her ideas, and create magnificent sites in different languages.

The Most Simple Multilingual System
In the World

For maintaining a website in different languages simultaneously,
it was necessary to create several websites, and maintain them separately.
This led to spending extra money on promotion. It also took more time
to copy pages, make a design, upload photographs and work on other elements
of the site which did not need to be translated.

The developers of IQSites understood the importance of convenience and speed of the system. Therefore, we have developed a new, amazing, and  at the same time convenient and simple scheme of multilingual websites.

Now you do not need to create additional copies of a site to maintain it in different  languages. Just indicate the desired languages in the settings, and the corresponding flags will appear on the website. The visitors will be able to see different language versions of each page when clicking on the flags. Maintaining a multilingual website is easier than ever: just choose a language on any page of the website, click on "edit", and save the text in a new language. Whether it is a  landing page, blog, or capture form, the system will store each version of the page in its language. Use the mobile application of IQSites for editing texts in different languages. Do you need to share a link on social networks? Don't worry! Your website visitors will see a version of the page in their own language. The new multilingual system is "more intelligent": it makes it possible to store texts in different languages for each page.

What are you to do when you cannot
translate your text into other languages?

First of all, you can use the integrated platform of Google Translate.

It is enough for you to activate it, and visitors can read the automatic translation of your website in more than 80 languages.

Secondly, you can cooperate with a translator into the desired language.

Translating a text is cheaper than you can imagine, and the efficiency is much higher. Contact the support service, and we shall recommend to you the right people who are already working with IQSites worldwide.

Multilingual Webites Created for You.
Thousands of Your Ideas.

Increase the traffic to your sites ten times by maintaining them in different languages. Whatever occupation you may have: business, hobby, etc., tell the world about it and find like-minded peopleв.

Developing your site is easy and enjoyable now! Take advantage of this great opportunity to make your business many times more effective!

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