IQSites - Smart Website for Your Business Development
Now the Stunning Technology
of Creating Beautiful Landing Pages is Available to You Now!

The Landing Page is the most significant IQSites upgrade both for our partners and customers. Our purpose is not to impress, but create a platform for the best impressions. Each improvement has its specific purpose, and each new feature is meant for its proper place. Every detail is carefully designed, and each decision is aimed at increasing efficiency. The new features will first amaze you. Then they become a must have.

We have created the world's best landing page builder. We took into account all the wishes and made the system simple, easy and intuitive. Now you do not need programming skills, layout and Photoshop for creating these stunning pages. You can create a Landing, easily, visually and graphically.
You Can Create Your Awfully Beautiful Landing Pages Yourselves.
In addition to the convenient interface,
we have recorded for you
series of detailed video tutorials
meant for entry-level students
of computer literacy.
You will be able to quickly create pages
using professional widgets.
Have a closer look at them!


All your photos, promotional materials, and any other graphic images are now easily uploaded to your website pages. Besides, you do not need to waste your precious time on Photoshop, etc., for preparing your materials. The site will do this job for you. Many settings, such as shape, size, frame, color, effect of emersion on a page will make the process of creating pages just fun.


If it is not enough for you just to upload a photo, the widget "slide" will be helpful. It is when a few photos or albums are kept in one place, and you can view them comfortably picture after picture, or switch them to the right place. Each image can be commented upon, and some effects can be added, which gives a better idea of your product.


Do you have an interesting video of a product or an ad unit from the company on YouTube? Do you want to upload it to your website? Nothing can be done easier! Just copy the link to your website and the video is already displayed there.

A good video is a very useful instrument for your product presentation. Nothing of the kind has ever been before: a video placed on your website just through the link!

Capture Forms

The Capture Form is an important element of collecting subscribers. You can easily create a capture form in the special section of the website. All forms are very easy to integrate into any desired part of your landing page. Just choose the desired shape, set the design, and the job done - now your landing page is collecting the data of your customers. Easy to use and very effective!


We have selected great fonts and enabled you to present your entries in the most convenient and beautiful way. Make your texts look just as you want them to: all the settings allow you to make them very presentable! You are sure to enjoy using this widget!


Would you like to announce an action or an event? Maybe to encourage a website visitors to do something? Use a professional instrument - timers. This beautiful, dynamic and what is most important - very effective widget is now available in the visual editor!


Forger about programming. Now you can place the necessary buttons inside a landing page at two clicks. Put the button, write a text and a link on it, choose the design and all is ready! Feel yourself a web design Guru!

HTML Texts

Open the world of HTML code for yourself. Use any external solutions on your website. Start getting the money through payment systems, use professional solutions. Now all this is possible.

Your landing pages look great not only on computers,
but also on all mobile devices!

What makes the IQSites LANDING PAGE the most perfect tool for your website?
All the matter is in detail, advanced features and overall experience. Now you can view, edit, and organise all the necessary elements of your website without being distracted by another software, outside specialists and complex documentation.
We have also enhanced the opportunities of users giving them more instruments. Now the most incredible features are available being refined and simplified.
The development of your website has become easy and understandable! Use this wonderful opportunity of making your business many times more effective!

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