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IQSites Mobile Application
Looks Magnificent. Works Magnificently.
In IQSites there are innovations you will not find anywhere else: for example, its own mobile application for managing your website.

Elegant design - renovated, but still recognisable. Awsome features for your favourite application. Absolutely new relationship between your website and the mobile device. The application for IQSites gives a new look at the website management. It opens up great prospects. Install our free application in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

The Updated Interface.
Brand New. 100% IQSites.

When creating the mobile application we sought to dramatically improve your experience of working on the website. We looked at the whole system carefully, and improved the lot of its elements, such as: posting on blogs, managing applications through capture forms, and many other things. We also arranged some of the great features so that they should be available to you instantly. As a result, the website management system has a new look while remaining as powerful and easy to use s it was.

Continuity of Connection.
The Mobile Device and Your Website Are Linked as Never Before.

Websites on the IQSites platform and Apple mobile devices are capable of many things even separately. But when they are conected they can work wonders! Now the mobile application has new exciting features that seem incredible, but at the same time they are clear and logical.

Post entries on your blog as easily as you do it on your social network page. Start writing an entry on your website at home, and continue writing from the place where you left off using your iPhone mobile App while you are travelling. All the great features of blogs are now available on mobile devices. Add colourful images to posts right from your iPhone or iPad, sort them, and change their size on the screen with your finger right on the IQSites application. Plan the dates of posts publication, and attach capture forms. Now it's even easier and more available than ever!

Easier Sharing

Sharing links to your blog posts is now much easier. On the menu of "Share" there are all the necessary social networks. You can share a link with friends and colleagues as quickly as you did before, it's even more handy now!

All Your Applications Are Always at Hand.

Managing applications through capture forms is very easy. Go to the "Capture Form" section, and you will see a list of your favourite forms on the application. They are also synchronised on your iPad and iPhone, so no matter what device you choose, a list of applications from the website is always available. Just as soon as your potential client to fills in a capture form on the site, you get an instant push-notification on your iPhone or iPad. Such a fast application delivery to website administrators has never existed before! Communicate with your new clients through the IQSites mobile application right away!

More Websites, Mobile Control.

If you have a few websites on the IQ Sites platform, you can manage all of them through one application. Just select a site from the dropdown menu, and manage it. You can quickly switch between the sites to operatively maintain several blogs, get applications from capture forms of a website you need, and many other things!

If you are already an IQSites client, download the application from the App Store for free, and install it on all your mobile devices. If you still want to open your personal or business website and get all the great capabilities of our platform,
it's time to do it:

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