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IQSites has been an important product for developers since the advent of website builders and landing pages. It opens up new facets of web design skills, allowing you to make your sites richer and more functional. The product includes a number of new interfaces of website development with a lot of impressive features and facilities, as well as the most advanced technology of promotion. All this enables developers to create great websites offering incredible new perspectives.
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We have created a unique and stunning technology that makes the process of blogging really pleasurable. It has become as easy as posting entries on your social network page. Use the special mobile application to make your blogging even more enjoyable and fast!

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Landing Pages

The amazing technology of creating beautiful landing pages is available to you now! We have created the world's best landing page builder. We took into account all the wishes and made the system simple, easy and illustrative. Now to create these stunning pages, you do not need programming knowledge, layout and Photoshop. You can create a landing page easily, visually and graphically.

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Capture Forms
Turn your website visitors into customers. Capture forms are such a powerful and convenient tool that you will not want to part with them. And you won't have to - so easy and comprehensible they are! Now you can create a form consisting of fields relevant to you and place them anywhere on your website.

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Now you have the free service of mailings entirely at your disposal. The unlimited number of emails to any number of recipients is available free of charge on the websites of IQSites. Attach beautiful pictures and photos to your emails. Make your messages bright and attractive with the modern technology of IQSites.

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Design Management

Incredibly powerful design and great attention to detail. Now you can manage the  website design without any special skills and software. The customisation of your website design is of course incredibly simple. We also made sure that it should be most flexible and convenient to use.

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Integration with Social Networks
The advanced technology of promotion through social networks enables you to make  the social networks traffic to your website even greater than what you can expect from search engines. This great news opens up the power and effectiveness of the promotion through social networks within IQSites for free.The most advanced technology of promotion in its most perfect implementation.

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Mobile Application
In IQSites there are the innovations you will not find anywhere else. For example, your own mobile application for the website management looks excellent and work excellently. Start writing an article on the website at home, and then continue writing it from the place where you left off while you travel, using the iPhone application. The full control of the site from a mobile app is a reality now!

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Multilingual Websites

Talk to your site visitors in their own language. We have created a new powerful and comprehensible system of multilingual websites. With it you will be able to run your site in several languages at the same time. Increase the traffic to your website ten times with this feature.

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The IQSites system has become the most relevant platform both for site developers and customers. But we do not mean to strike you with something great. We just tried to create the most comfortable, understandable and useful system which is a pleasant surprise when you first see it, and becomes indispensable when you get down to the development of sites.

IQSites Is All You Need
in One Secure Place

All the IQSites websites run on a secure server. It is only our developers that have the access to the code. Neither clients nor you need to worry about the server, access to FTP, database or security of scripts. Entrust it all to our professionals. The development is supervised by the best specialist in programming and security in the country. Websites are created online, the automatic domain registration requires the data of a specified person or company. The access to the platform is paid for as a small subscription service monthly, and is the responsibility of your client. In some cases, active web-studios are offered the affiliate program, its terms can be checked with our manager.

Convenient Software

As developers of this platform, we provide product updates with excellent support. As soon as new software and new functions appear, updates are automatically installed directly on your site. This does not hurt the current content of the site, but expands its capabilities. All software updates are absolutely free!

High Performance.

We use advanced technology, the servers are equipped with modern processors and provide fast memory performance and high productivity. All the software is developed by the best programmers from scratch, precisely to address the required tasks. The platform is optimised for maximum high loads. Therefore, all sites created within IQSites work very quickly. The process of managing these sites is pleasant and productive, and our clients like it! We pay great attention to computer security, a separate department being responsible for this job. Data protection is the foundation of the system, not just a collateral issue.

Working Together - No Problem.


We are ready to help your clients with any questions re your site. Get information on any subject, from platform features up to materials for the website, photo shooting, copywriting, advertising campaigns, contacting your manager by phone, e-mail or Skype. You can also send your requests to the support service.. We are interested in new offers from our partners, so your good ideas on the platform improvement are likely to be put into practice by our programmers for free.


We are happy to demonstrate our platform, and show your stuff the work of IQSites. For this, we regularly arrange Trainings, Webinars and Presentations. We can also help you contact new customers, conduct negotiations, as well as  support you at all levels of your work on the website.

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